What gift vouchers can do for businesses

Posted on December 13, 2023 by Kathryn

What Gift Vouchers Can Do For Businesses Main

Gift vouchers open up a whole new world of revenue generation for your business, and are a simple way to increase footfall and boost sales. 22% of those receiving gift vouchers for a business go on to become regular customers, making vouchers an easy way to generate some word-of-mouth marketing that results in real sales. 72% of consumers spend more than the value of the voucher, adding 55% on top of the average voucher value. 

Gift vouchers also give loyal customers a way to show your business some appreciation; 29% of those buying gift vouchers said supporting local businesses was a motivation. Gifts are the most frequently purchased items from small businesses, making up 47% of all items bought, so offering gift vouchers means you don’t miss out on this big chunk of business. 

So if more customers, more sales and more support sound like something you’re interested in, let us help. Regalo is an easy-to-use gift voucher platform designed for hospitality and leisure businesses just like yours. Let’s sell more gift voucher experiences. 

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